Monday, January 28, 2008

Send me your suggestions!

I'd really appreciate any suggestions on location for the reunion! I am looking for an indoor location that also has outdoor facilities, anywhere in Ogden/SLC/Provo area. All suggestions are appreciated!

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Tony Coletti said...

Hi Sean,

My name is Tony Coletti. I live in SLC, UT. There are some photos on your site of Luigi Coletti, and Luigi Coletti was my Great-Grandfather. His son was Joseph Coletti (my grandfather) who had 4 children, Joe (my father), John, Carol, and Lou. My dad recognizes several of the people in the pics, and in fact is in one of the pics (blonde, curly haired infant in the arms of a man). Luigi and wife, Theresa migrated from Turin, Italy and settled in Kemmerer, WY. We believe that Luigi was a cousin or brother of Peter Coletti. My mother's step-father was Paul Coletti (I can't remember his father's name) and he was my paternal grandfather's (Joseph Coletti) first cousin. This would make my father and mother second cousins (by marriage only). No, no inbreeding done here!

If in fact the 2 Coletti families are related, I would love to attend the family reunion. Thank you for your efforts in bringing this family together, please contact me at your convenience.


Tony Coletti