Monday, January 21, 2008

Email from Jane Perry

Here is an email I received from Jane Perry, daughter of Tony and Ruth Coletti. I really hope nobody minds that I put their emails to me on the blog--I think everyone who reads the blog would be excited to hear from them!

Hi Sean

I've been on your blog site and just had to get in touch with you. I'm Jane Coletti Perry, daughter of Tony Coletti, your ggrandpa's brother. I hope I have the generations right...your father is Jeff who is my first cousin whom I haven't seen for many years! He was just a little kid when we used to visit Utah in the summers--your Aunt Pat and I are the same age and have kept in touch with Christmas cards over the years.

Anyway, your plans for a reunion sound great but I'm afraid we won't be able to make it in April. We live outside Kansas City and my sister Karen lives in St. Louis. We would certainly appreciate any family information and copies of family pictures if you could somehow get them to us electronically.

The pictures on the blog are truly fantastic! Some additional information:

--The family of four identified as Jim and Donna Coletti is Tony and Ruth Coletti with me and Karen. (I'm the baby)
--The picture with Joe and Violet and Nonna includes Nonno and Uncle Jim also--Where did you find the magazine picture of Cumberland?--it's fantastic
--The moonshine pictures are historical-any more copies?
--More information about the "Chicago" ship that came from Italy to Ellis Island--do you have dates of their US arrival or a ship manifest? Years ago I tried to look up Ellis Island records online and couldn't find Peter or Josephine--I know they traveled here in different years.

Karen and I went to Italy last May to meet Coletti cousins in Monastero and see the village where our dad was born and saw the home of Michele and Maria Coletti. It was a dream come true to do this. I will try to email you a few pictures from our trip. I hope to hear from you.

All the best,


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