Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Coletti family pictures

Here are more pictures from our history. For good or bad, these events and people are part of us. We are Colettis.

Pictures of Joseph and Violet's family--

Violet, Patty, Jeff and Debra:

My uncle Joseph Gordon:

I think the caption on this one says it all:

1965 Christmas card:

Now a few from earlier times--

Here's Peter Coletti with his immediate family:

A dapper picture of Tony Coletti, one of Peter and Josephine's sons:

Jimmy and Donna Coletti with family (oops--this is Tony and Ruth Coletti, with daughters Karen and Jane):

I like this one--I know that my grandpa and grandma Joseph and Violet are in it, plus Nona Josephine, but I can't make out the other two (the other two are Nono and Uncle Jim Coletti):

Happy 68th:

Here's the home in Pleasant View:

Even earlier--home in Cumberland, WY:

A picture of Cumberland, right out of a magazine (I mean to say it "looks" like it is from a magazine, but I'm not sure either way):

Joseph and Jimmy with their dog:

Tilly, Joseph and another boy (?) with Christmas toys:

The Feds destroying the Coletti moonshine:

There's quite a bit more of those pictures. Here's the Chicago, the ship that brought us all over to Ellis Island:
And even earlier family--

Luigi Coletti (center) with Matt Bertagnoli:

Luigi with his sons:

A little later (?) Luigi with his family:
Joseph Coletti (1877-1942) with sons:
Joe and Luigi Coletti and family:
A few of Louis Coletti:

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Anonymous said...

The above picture is my grandfather Louis Coletti. My grandfather had two children (Louis Coletti, and Brenda Coletti who live in Sacramento, CA.) Louis Coletti (my grandfather) was killed in a plane crash in 1948.

My dad, Louis Coletti, has two children named James Coletti, and Justin Coletti.

Thanks for the great pictures!

James Coletti