Monday, January 28, 2008

Message from Karen Coletti

I just got this great email from Karen Coletti (also daughter of Tony and Ruth Coletti). She's got the names of the people in the picture at the top-left of this blog:

Dear Sean, Hello from Karen Coletti in St. Louis, MO. Your dad and I are cousins, I am the elder daughter of Tony and Ruth Coletti. I am sending you the names of the family in the photograph taken in Peter and Josephine's dining room some 60 years ago! Back row, left to right: Jim Coletti, Donna Weaver Coletti, Fred Profaizer, Tillie Coletti Profaizer, Ruth Burch Coletti, baby Jane Coletti, Tony Coletti, Joe Coletti. Second row: Pamela Profaizer, Tamara Coletti, Ronnie Coletti, Robert Coletti, Karen Coletti, Violet Barker Coletti, baby Patti Ann Coletti. Front row: Freddie Profaizer, Peter Coletti, Josephine Castagna Coletti, Richard Coletti. The last time I saw any of Joe and Violet's branch was seven years ago when I visited Ogden and got to see your Aunt Patti Ann. I don't think my Coletti-Kelley clan will be able to come to the April gathering. Good luck with everything. My sister Jane will send you some pictures from our trip to Italy so you can post them. Love to all the family, Karen

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