Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Message from Tammy Dahlstrom

Sean, Good luck with the reunion. I have working on line with the New Family Search program. I have found they have put a birth date for Maria Coletti who is Nona's Mother. But further searching, I don't think this is her Mother. If anyone has been doing the Coletti genealogy and have dates from the Coletti side I would love to get the information. My understanding is that most of the records were burned in a monastery. Your Grandfather Joseph when he was mission President I think tried to get infor and couldn't. I feel so bad every time I look at my great grandmother's name and don't even have a date for her birth. Is there anyone among your family that has the genealogy bug? I would appreciate any information that you can send me. I am so sad that I cannot attend the reunion because not only being unable to meet you, I would love to see if anyone has done anymore research. Thanks for all your hard work, Your cousin, Tammy

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