Saturday, December 15, 2007

Coletti Pictures

Here are some pictures I originally got from my cousin Joe. I'll try to explain them as I go. If you have any more Coletti pictures you want to have put on this blog, let me know!

Here are James Coletti and his wife (James is one of Peter Coletti's brothers):

Here's my father, Jeffrey Coletti, with his sister Debra.
An old picture of my family with some of the Olivers (from L to R): Michael Oliver, Matthew Coletti, Patricia Oliver, Eric Coletti, Violet Coletti, Sean Coletti, Melissa Coletti, Cindy Coletti, Jonathan Oliver, Jeffrey Coletti
Joseph and Rosie Coletti and family (Peter's brother's family):
Louis Coletti and his wife Maria Teresa Barra:
Joseph Coletti's high school diploma from Weber County High School:Matilda Coletti (Tilly Profaizer):
Nono and Nona Coletti (Peter and Josephine Coletti):

Gravestone of Peter and Josephine Coletti:
Peter and Josephine Coletti, holding Joseph Coletti, with Tony Coletti standing by their side:

Peter Coletti's brothers in Italy (love the mustaches!):
Peter Coletti family (as shown above) (I could probably only name half of the people in this picture):
Peter Coletti goin' huntin' (sure looks like a Coletti in this picture!):

Richard and Robert Coletti:

Coletti family reunion way back when... From L to R: Jonathan Oliver, Eric Coletti, Matthew Coletti, Michael Oliver, Sean Coletti, Joseph Oliver, Chad Oliver.

I'd like to put more pictures on the blog. Let me know if you want me to put a picture on.

Looks like we have a rich Coletti family heritage!


Anne Kenney said...

Is this Coletti family from San Danato, Italy?

Anne Kenney said...

Is this Coletti family from San Danato, Italy?

Quincy MA said...

my name's donata coletti my granfather is david coletti am i your cousins

Brad said...

Are you going to the San Donato Festival in Italy in 2010?