Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Letter from Josephine Julian

April 11, 2008
Dear Coletti Family Reunion,

I am Josephine Angelo Julian. My mother was Catherine Coletti, a daughter of Louis and Theresa Coletti. I was born Sept. 27, 1924 in Kemmerer, Wyo., the oldest of four children born to Joe Angelo and Catherine Coletti. My mother died when I was 11 years old and my Grandma Angelo came out on the ranch and helped my dad. I know Uncle Pete's family was very good to my mother when she was sick.

I have lost my husband of over 55 years, my son Charles 48 years old and my 43 year old baby in a truck wreck hauling our sheep. My son Truman (?) is 63 years old and has three children 2 sons and 1 daughter and 6 grand children.

I have two daughters and 5 grandchildren and 11 great-granddaughters and 6 great-grandsons. At my age I don't have anyone that I can ask about my mother's family.

I would like more information on the family, in fact I think I sent someone 50.00 one time.

We have had one of the worst winters here on the ranch, a lot of snow, cold and wind. Our sheep are coming back from the desert and the snow isn't moving very fast and little lambs will start arriving about the 10th or 15th of May and they lamb on the range.

Thank you for remembering me and I might come if I can get someone to drive me down to Ogden Park for the reunion.

May God Bless you all and keep you in his care.

If any of you would like Josephine's address or phone number, let me know.

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magleby said...

I got a call from Joseph Failoni last night and I went to his house today and spoke with him about the Coletti family. Joe Failoni is DOn Failoni's brother. Don's son Monte is the one who was at the reunion from Louis' side of the family.

Apparently out of all of the letters and emails and CDs I have made over the years and sent out, Josephine Julian never recceived any. I sent copies of everything I had to one of her sons, but apparently he never passed it on. I gave some information and a CD-ROM with lots of pictures and information today to Joe Failoni. Joe told me he spoke with Josephine about once or twice a month and he would make sure she received all of the information we had.

I guess there was some miscommunicaiton but now that has all been resolved.

Whenever we have another Coletti reunion in the future, Joe Failoni would love to attend and share stories he has about the Coletti clan. Enjoy!