Thursday, February 28, 2008

Message from Nena Gilleland

Nena Gilleland, who is apparently my second cousin, wrote:

Greetings Sean! I am your second cousin, Nena (Janena) Coletti, daughter of James Coletti who was your grandfather's brother. If I've figured the blogspot out, you are the son of Jeff, my cousin and good friend growing up. Is that correct? Anyway, I was so impressed with the website and everything you've done for the family. My husband and I will be attending the reunion and I'm hoping that some of our kids and grandkids will also. We have five children and 15 grandchildren! I'm interested in knowing any information about family history and temple work that has been done. I've been doing a little research and finding it slow. I know Joe did quite a bit and would like to know what's been done if possible. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing long lost cousins! Thanks so much.Ciao! Nena

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